Air Info Service ApS was established October 1st, 1993, as distributor of Pilot supplies, Aviation Training Books and Publications to Pilot shops and Aviation Colleges.
Air Info Service ApS is only selling through dealers in all European countries, Middle East and Africa. Please request information about the nearest dealer.

Air Info Service ApS is distributor of ASA, Aviation Supplies & Academics Inc. products, and is the biggest distributor in Europe, with a comprehensive inventory of all items.

Air Info Service ApS is Jeppesen Qualified Reseller, selling the aviation range of products to pilot shops and colleges.

Air Info Service ApS is selling RANDOLPH sunglasses such as model AVIATOR to pilot shops in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Air Info Service ApS is selling Jane’s Information Group publications to the Defense Forces and the Defence Industry.


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Tel +45 40 15 94 08.
VAT.No.: 40700889